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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility means more to us than merely giving back to society by means of philanthropic gestures. A charity or foundation is not sufficient – the whole company has to be involved physically and invested emotionally in its society. This kind of involvement does not arise from a desire to conform to political correctness but rather from a genuine desire to help the local community and practice sustainability. We firmly believe that our business has a positive impact on our local society in Mauritius as, by generating clientèle for our partners, we generate revenue which, in turn, leads to job creation. The presence of foreign tourists on the island also means that local shops and restaurants benefit from their custom. On a less commercial note, the island benefits from the cultural exchange made possible by tourists from all over the world, having a positive impact on our society and, in return, giving the guests unforgettable memories of the island to cherish when they return home. This is merely one of the facets of our business we enjoy; giving guests the opportunity to visit our island and enjoy the holiday of their dreams.

We believe that it is important to ensure that our profits benefit society at large and we are committed ethically to contributing to economic development and improving the standard of living for our workforce and their families. We contribute voluntarily to our society and our business practice is efficient and environmentally friendly. One of our greatest interests and concerns is the ‘Ile Maurice: Ile durable’ policy as we believe that, by changing our business operations to benefit our society, we have a direct and positive impact on our local surroundings.

Each of the company’s employees is involved in our society. Below are just a few of the organisations we support and we urge you to take a look at them and consider if there are any that you may eventually want to support.

We have an acknowledged problem in Mauritius with stray dogs. Paws is doing an amazing job in practising a more humane way of improving this situation. Please click here to read more about Paws.

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