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Staying in Mauritius

As tourism is one of the main industries of Mauritius there are plenty of places to stay, ranging from inexpensive bed and breakfasts to luxury hotels and villas.  Most of the accommodation is found, naturally, on the coast although there are still a fair number of hotels inland which cater more for the business sector than for leisure. There are a number of very high class hotels and resorts on the island, such as the superb Le Prince Maurice, the Beachcomber hotels like Dinarobin and The Royal Palm, the Four Seasons hotel where there is a ratio of two employees...

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Mauritius is a small, volcanic island in the Indian Ocean, about 900 kilometres east of Madagascar.  Surrounded by dazzling white sand beaches, a spectacular coral reef and sparkling turquoise water, the 2040 km2 island is a miniature paradise in Africa.  Named originally after Prince Maurice of Nassau, the Stadtholder of the Netherlands, under the French the island became known as L’ile de France, later to be L’ile Maurice or, in English, Mauritius. There are two famous things whose extinction was brought about on the island.  The one is the dodo bird, aptly named for its stupidity, which was first sighted...