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Diving in Mauritius

Underwater diving as a commercial undertaking could have started as far back as in Ancient Greece since there are references, in both Plato and Homer, to the sponge which was found just off the island of Kalymnos. The divers would use weights of up to fifteen kilograms for a speedy decent and, holding their breath, they would dive to depths of thirty metres for as long as five minutes at a time to collect sponges. A lot has changed since then, but the desire to explore the ocean depths has not and diving has become an extremely popular recreational activity....

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Kite-surfing in Mauritius

Kite-surfing has its roots as far back as the early 1800s although the sport, as recognised today, was only formalised in the mid 1990s. As an adventure water sport, kite-surfing has been described as a combination of wake-boarding, windsurfing, surfing and paragliding all rolled into one extreme adrenaline rush. Obviously, in order to experience the thrill of the sport, a large expanse of water and a fair wind are necessary conditions. The sunny, tropical island of Mauritius, with its beautiful turquoise lagoon, has become one of the most popular kite-surfing destinations in the world. There are a number of locations...

What other countries can learn from Mauritius 0

What other countries can learn from Mauritius

Suppose someone described a small country where free education, up to university level, transport for all school children and free health care – including heart operations – is guaranteed for all citizens. You might suspect this country is either exceptionally rich or headed for financial crisis. Eventually more and more of the richer countries in Europe come to the realisation that they cannot bear the costs of university education and they call on the young people and their families to pay these costs. On the other hand, other countries have never tried to provide everyone with a free university education....