Horseback ride in Le Morne, Mauritius

My first trip to the south. Le Morne is located in the southwestern corner of Mauritius and is certainly worth a visit. Even the car ride there offered me incredible impressions. The south is much windier. The sight of the high waves is truly engaging, and you really want to unpack the surfboard and jump into the water. But my current plan is to explore the mountains and the beach of Le Morne by horse.

Arrived at the horse stables, the saddled horses were already awaiting us and after a short introduction we were able to start right away. The first path led us to the mountain of Le Morne. Due to the soil conditions, many stones and sticks, the horse now and then appeared to buckle with its legs, for an irregular rider as me it was something, which I had to get used to in the beginning. After a short time, when you are used to it, you can concentrate on the fantastic view. The view appears to have extended to infinity and is worth all the ”exertions”. Now and then we stopped to enjoy the view and take some pictures. The vegetation is not too flowery and encouraging, but it fits perfectly into the overall picture, which is breathtaking. To the left side your view leads upon the hill, surrounded by trees in autumn colors and to the right the hill wanders across the water out to the waves, which transforms the turquoise bay abruptly into a deep blue ocean. The ride uphill ended at the first viewpoint, which opened up a new dimension in terms of rambling for me. Outside the reef, after the breaking waves is the big nothing to see and I visualized that I’m on an island. Since we also wanted to ride along the beach, it was after about an hour of bumpy riding to reverse. Although I got used to the horse and his steps on the rocky, forest-like base, the ride downhill was sometimes a bit scary and the arrival on solid ground relieved me very much. The ride on the beach was very relaxing and deliberate. After our brief stop at a hotel, my first drink on the back of a horse served by a waiter, we started the way back to the stables. There we were warmly welcomed with water, beer, champagne and fresh mangoes and could leave our ride to reminisce. A ride is recommended if you do not want to hike or climb, but still want to enjoy the beautiful view from a mountain down and finally is the happiness of the world, on the back of a horse. Le Morne has much to offer and should definitely be visited during a holiday in Mauritius.

Mauritius-Le-Morne-Nadine-Pavlicek-015 Mauritius-Le-Morne-Nadine-Pavlicek-014 Mauritius-Le-Morne-Nadine-Pavlicek-013 Mauritius-Le-Morne-Nadine-Pavlicek-012 Mauritius-Le-Morne-Nadine-Pavlicek-011 Mauritius-Le-Morne-Nadine-Pavlicek-010 Mauritius-Le-Morne-Nadine-Pavlicek-009 Mauritius-Le-Morne-Nadine-Pavlicek-008 Mauritius-Le-Morne-Nadine-Pavlicek-007 Mauritius-Le-Morne-Nadine-Pavlicek-006 Mauritius-Le-Morne-Nadine-Pavlicek-005 Mauritius-Le-Morne-Nadine-Pavlicek-004 Mauritius-Le-Morne-Nadine-Pavlicek-003 Mauritius-Le-Morne-Nadine-Pavlicek-002 Mauritius-Le-Morne-Nadine-Pavlicek-001 Mauritius-Le-Morne-Nadine-Pavlicek-000

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Horseback ride in Le Morne, Mauritius by
Nadine Pavlicek

Nadine Pavlicek

Grown up in the gastronomic business, am I currently studying an MBA in Tourism Management. Why tourism? I love to travel, to explore new countries and cultures and interacting with people / guests, which is substantial for this sector. The world's current tourism industry offers a wide range of job opportunities. Isla-Mauricia offers me to be part of various projects and the opportunity to get to know a new division to combine with my hobbies - traveling and photography - and enjoy Mauritius outside the hotel facilities. By Nadine Pavlicek

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