Dolphin Swim & Ile aux Benitiers, Mauritius

The weekend was very nice and now I’m on my way to Black River. Black River is located on the west coast of Mauritius. My plan of today includes swimming with dolphins and visiting the island “Ile aux Benitiers”.
We start with a speedboat and we are made familiar with the code of conduct for swimming with dolphins. After a few minutes on the boat the first passengers stand up and start pointing with their fingers and an astonished face towards the horizon.
A large group of dolphins “Spinner” can be seen and it only takes a few more minutes until the first visitors dive into the water. Spinner dolphins are small measuring about 1.5 m and live in very large groups (up to 100!). Equipped with a snorkel, mask and fins, they went into the water to the happy mammals. It’s almost as if you dive into another world, because the great amount of animals can only be seen underwater. They swim only a few meters away from you, in their natural habitat. Even young animals can be seen beside their mothers. After returning to the boat, you realize that you just swam with dolphins in their natural habitat and without the influence of people who train the animals.

Suddenly, everything gets a bit hectic. The boatmen have just received the information that even “Bottlenose dolphins” are in close proximity. As we go a little bit further, a small group of this dolphin specie can be seen. “Bottlenose dolphins” are larger and measure up to 3m. They live in very small groups or even alone and are very similar to “Zoo dolphins”. Despite the Busy crowd of boats it’s nice to see and experience the animals in the wild. Obviously, the underwater world of Mauritius has a lot more to offer than I’ve ever seen. Following a very successful watch out for dolphins, we cruise over the waves towards Ile aux Benetiers. An island in the southwest of Mauritius. However, before we go ashore we are still driven to the “Crystal Rock” to view this stunning “Coral Sculpture” up close. A fascinating information on this: This coral, which protrudes from the water and resembles a mushroom shape is still active and alive! Then we go ashore. Ile aux Benitiers is more of an island to relax and swim, because the inner island has not much to offer. Since the Beach leads out very wide and is flat you can walk to the ”Crystal Rock” and admire him again. After a Creole lunch on the island the speedboat leaves early in the afternoon back to the port of Rivière Noire. Another day, another experience on the beautiful island of Mauritius.

Mauritius-Dolphin-Swim-Ile-aux-Benitiers-Nadine-Pavlicek-017 Mauritius-Dolphin-Swim-Ile-aux-Benitiers-Nadine-Pavlicek-016 Mauritius-Dolphin-Swim-Ile-aux-Benitiers-Nadine-Pavlicek-015 Mauritius-Dolphin-Swim-Ile-aux-Benitiers-Nadine-Pavlicek-014 Mauritius-Dolphin-Swim-Ile-aux-Benitiers-Nadine-Pavlicek-013 Mauritius-Dolphin-Swim-Ile-aux-Benitiers-Nadine-Pavlicek-012 Mauritius-Dolphin-Swim-Ile-aux-Benitiers-Nadine-Pavlicek-011 Mauritius-Dolphin-Swim-Ile-aux-Benitiers-Nadine-Pavlicek-010 Mauritius-Dolphin-Swim-Ile-aux-Benitiers-Nadine-Pavlicek-009 Mauritius-Dolphin-Swim-Ile-aux-Benitiers-Nadine-Pavlicek-008 Mauritius-Dolphin-Swim-Ile-aux-Benitiers-Nadine-Pavlicek-007 Mauritius-Dolphin-Swim-Ile-aux-Benitiers-Nadine-Pavlicek-006 Mauritius-Dolphin-Swim-Ile-aux-Benitiers-Nadine-Pavlicek-005 Mauritius-Dolphin-Swim-Ile-aux-Benitiers-Nadine-Pavlicek-004 Mauritius-Dolphin-Swim-Ile-aux-Benitiers-Nadine-Pavlicek-003 Mauritius-Dolphin-Swim-Ile-aux-Benitiers-Nadine-Pavlicek-002 Mauritius-Dolphin-Swim-Ile-aux-Benitiers-Nadine-Pavlicek-001 Mauritius-Dolphin-Swim-Ile-aux-Benitiers-Nadine-Pavlicek-000

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Dolphin Swim & Ile aux Benitiers, Mauritius by
Nadine Pavlicek

Nadine Pavlicek

Grown up in the gastronomic business, am I currently studying an MBA in Tourism Management. Why tourism? I love to travel, to explore new countries and cultures and interacting with people / guests, which is substantial for this sector. The world's current tourism industry offers a wide range of job opportunities. Isla-Mauricia offers me to be part of various projects and the opportunity to get to know a new division to combine with my hobbies - traveling and photography - and enjoy Mauritius outside the hotel facilities. By Nadine Pavlicek

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