Tamarin Falls Hiking Trips, Mauritius

My Today’s excursion leads me to the Tamarin Falls in the southwest of Mauritius. The Tamarin Falls are amongst several other waterfalls, probably the most beautiful. To experience the whole fascination and beauty, it is recommended not only to look from the viewpoint on the nature, but to hike the 7 basins with sturdy shoes. But one should not do this without a local guide since the Tamarin Falls are not easily access.

We start in Le Petrin, situated in Tamarin. On a still quite passable trail, the trail leads us through the woods to the base of the waterfalls. After a short break, we go a few meters deep and along the valley, one can already admire the abundant vegetation and the breathtaking surroundings. The conditions of the “trails” are increasingly deteriorating, what I want to point out is that there are no marked or flat came paths and you truly walk over Sticks and stones.

Arrived at the first basin, you can already imagine the grace and uniqueness of the hike. It opens up a completely new image with respect to Mauritius and I wonder which island has so much to offer as Mauritius. Hiking the waterfalls should only be done under good health because especially climbing the 7 basins and waterfalls are demanding. Therefore, the more welcome is the break on the 3rd plateau, which offers the opportunity to refresh in the depths of the basin or enjoy a massage from the falling water. Despite the fairly cool water temperature, you should not miss the cool dip. After a one and a half hour lunch break, the remaining four basins are yet to climbed. It is sometimes very steep up or down, over large boulders and through a thicket of various trees and plants. Now and then it might be slippery but thanks to the caring and responsible leader there is no need to worry. However, the hike can be a real challenge for one or another. All efforts are forgotten when you reach the next respective basin and let the magnificent views effect you. In the background, the rippling of sometimes up to 45 meters high waterfalls, while the view over the valley fill your thoughts with questions of what is hiding in these woods. After a short break and a further leap into the water on the sixth plateau the goal seems almost reached. However, this rise is reminiscent at some places more like a climb instead of a hike. Arrived on the top of the seventh basin and the look back on the way, one can be proud and the view forgives everything. After completing the hike more beautiful memories remain of a day in Mauritius and only the thought of tomorrow’s muscle pain shivers me a little.

However, the diversity of Mauritius has shown again today and I look forward to my next adventure.


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Tamarin Falls Hiking Trips, Mauritius by
Nadine Pavlicek

Nadine Pavlicek

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