Casela Bird Park , Mauritius

Dream beaches, diverse marine life and also the inner island of Mauritius has a lot to offer. Even some parks attract daily visitors.
So today I went to Casela Bird Park near Flic & Flac and Tamarin, in the southwest of Mauritius. After a one-hour drive from Grand Bay, we reach the Casela Park. In addition to quad biking, ziplining, tilapia fishing, a photo safari and other activities, the park offers something very appealing to me: Direct contact with lions and cheetahs! Also, an approximately one-hour walk with lions is offered here.

Arrived at the Park, we first explored the surrounding landscape, to not get too late at our meeting with the lions. Contrary to my expectation, the accessible part of the park is quite clear and very nicely designed. Children cannot only try fishing but can also play at the large playground, which is only located a few meters from the restaurant. Along the way you pass cages with different species of birds, monkeys, turtles and other small animals in a petting zoo, which are located right next to the bus stop for the ride to the big cats. The journey by jeep provides a bit the feeling of a safari through African steppes. Arriving at the lions and cheetahs, we get an introduction of the code of conduct during our stay in the enclosure of the lions. Then we are led Through their terrain, in which lions sleep on tree trunks or under the trees. We stopped at a lion which was laying relaxed and got the instruction to knee, one after the other, behind the lion and stroke him. Initially I had a queasy feeling and observing any movement of the animal, after all they still are big cats. I cannot believe my luck that I touched this graceful animal, felt how it breathes and followed his movements. After this unique experience, it goes by the same code of conduct in the enclosure of the cheetah. We go to the first cheetah, which apparently is in the mood to play. This in turn startled my friend when the big cat suddenly jumped on the nearby tree. So we went to another cheetah in the enclosure which even purred. At first I was not sure if it is the same purring of a house cat, or maybe a kind of growl? But actually it purred, this elegant predator as if it were a house cat.

After our encounter with the big cats, we walked again through the park and ended with a drink at the restaurant after another exciting day in Mauritius.

Mauritius-Casela-Bird-Park-Nadine-Pavlicek-033 Mauritius-Casela-Bird-Park-Nadine-Pavlicek-032 Mauritius-Casela-Bird-Park-Nadine-Pavlicek-031 Mauritius-Casela-Bird-Park-Nadine-Pavlicek-030 Mauritius-Casela-Bird-Park-Nadine-Pavlicek-029 Mauritius-Casela-Bird-Park-Nadine-Pavlicek-028 Mauritius-Casela-Bird-Park-Nadine-Pavlicek-027 Mauritius-Casela-Bird-Park-Nadine-Pavlicek-026 Mauritius-Casela-Bird-Park-Nadine-Pavlicek-025 Mauritius-Casela-Bird-Park-Nadine-Pavlicek-024 Mauritius-Casela-Bird-Park-Nadine-Pavlicek-023 Mauritius-Casela-Bird-Park-Nadine-Pavlicek-022 Mauritius-Casela-Bird-Park-Nadine-Pavlicek-021 Mauritius-Casela-Bird-Park-Nadine-Pavlicek-020 Mauritius-Casela-Bird-Park-Nadine-Pavlicek-019 Mauritius-Casela-Bird-Park-Nadine-Pavlicek-018 Mauritius-Casela-Bird-Park-Nadine-Pavlicek-017 Mauritius-Casela-Bird-Park-Nadine-Pavlicek-016 Mauritius-Casela-Bird-Park-Nadine-Pavlicek-015 Mauritius-Casela-Bird-Park-Nadine-Pavlicek-014 Mauritius-Casela-Bird-Park-Nadine-Pavlicek-013 Mauritius-Casela-Bird-Park-Nadine-Pavlicek-012 Mauritius-Casela-Bird-Park-Nadine-Pavlicek-011 Mauritius-Casela-Bird-Park-Nadine-Pavlicek-010 Mauritius-Casela-Bird-Park-Nadine-Pavlicek-009 Mauritius-Casela-Bird-Park-Nadine-Pavlicek-008 Mauritius-Casela-Bird-Park-Nadine-Pavlicek-007 Mauritius-Casela-Bird-Park-Nadine-Pavlicek-006 Mauritius-Casela-Bird-Park-Nadine-Pavlicek-005 Mauritius-Casela-Bird-Park-Nadine-Pavlicek-004 Mauritius-Casela-Bird-Park-Nadine-Pavlicek-003 Mauritius-Casela-Bird-Park-Nadine-Pavlicek-002 Mauritius-Casela-Bird-Park-Nadine-Pavlicek-001 Mauritius-Casela-Bird-Park-Nadine-Pavlicek-000

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Casela Bird Park , Mauritius by
Nadine Pavlicek

Nadine Pavlicek

Grown up in the gastronomic business, am I currently studying an MBA in Tourism Management. Why tourism? I love to travel, to explore new countries and cultures and interacting with people / guests, which is substantial for this sector. The world's current tourism industry offers a wide range of job opportunities. Isla-Mauricia offers me to be part of various projects and the opportunity to get to know a new division to combine with my hobbies - traveling and photography - and enjoy Mauritius outside the hotel facilities. By Nadine Pavlicek

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