Ile aux Cerfs , Mauritius

Located on the east coast of Mauritius, there is another popular tourist destination, the island ” Ile aux Cerfs “. After only a few minutes by motor boat you reach the small holiday paradise, characterized by filao trees, palm trees and a white sandy beach. Here one cannot talk about unaffected, since there is the possibility to choose between two restaurants and the Sands Bar. Also, all water sports, including parasailing, a tour by speed boat and a snorkeling course is offered. Furthermore, there is an 18- hole golf course located in the inner island. Already upon arrival at Ile aux Cerfs, we get warned for sea urchins, which are outside the demarcated bathing areas. Therefore, it is recommended to bring water shoes or not to leave the bathing areas and in any case be careful.

The restaurants and seating are designed very enticing, and especially today, they invite you to linger, as the weather is a bit rainy and very windy. I suppose this is due to the cyclone which concocted far out on the sea and could possibly strip Mauritius within the next few days. The positive side is that I can take my time to report on the island. With my fruity welcome drink, I sit at the Sands Bar and write for you. Despite the somewhat gloomy weather, the sea shimmers in paradisaical turquoise. Looking at the horizon big waves are seen, common for Mauritius, who break already on the reef and do not even reach the beach. The environment as well as the neighboring islands give the impression of an archipelago, separated by channel-like waterways of the Indian Ocean. Numerous sun beds guarantee a restful place in the now somewhat timid sun and reveal the other crowds. I am happy, after I finished my cocktail, to explore the Island and shoot images that convey the paradise impression of Ile aux Cerfs, despite the weather.

After my tour on the island, because of the strong downpour, I was forced to take a short break in between under a protective palm tree, I am now sitting in the restaurant and wait with interest and hunger for my food. On Ile aux Cerfs there is a Creole, Indian restaurant and another restaurant which is specialized in fish and seafood. The staff is very friendly and welcoming and give the impression as if they could read one’s mind. The food was also excellent and despite the sluggish weather it is another beautiful experience in Mauritius. A visit is recommended during better weather conditions, as during rainy days, water sports have only limited availability, although it is also interesting to see Mauritius from all sides and there are also the wilder sides. Anyway, Ile aux Cerfs got me excited and I will definitely come back again to enjoy the ride ranges of activities.

Mauritius-Ile-aux-Cerfs-Nadine-Pavlicek-020 Mauritius-Ile-aux-Cerfs-Nadine-Pavlicek-019 Mauritius-Ile-aux-Cerfs-Nadine-Pavlicek-018 Mauritius-Ile-aux-Cerfs-Nadine-Pavlicek-017 Mauritius-Ile-aux-Cerfs-Nadine-Pavlicek-016 Mauritius-Ile-aux-Cerfs-Nadine-Pavlicek-015 Mauritius-Ile-aux-Cerfs-Nadine-Pavlicek-014 Mauritius-Ile-aux-Cerfs-Nadine-Pavlicek-013 Mauritius-Ile-aux-Cerfs-Nadine-Pavlicek-012 Mauritius-Ile-aux-Cerfs-Nadine-Pavlicek-011 Mauritius-Ile-aux-Cerfs-Nadine-Pavlicek-010 Mauritius-Ile-aux-Cerfs-Nadine-Pavlicek-009 Mauritius-Ile-aux-Cerfs-Nadine-Pavlicek-008 Mauritius-Ile-aux-Cerfs-Nadine-Pavlicek-007 Mauritius-Ile-aux-Cerfs-Nadine-Pavlicek-006 Mauritius-Ile-aux-Cerfs-Nadine-Pavlicek-005 Mauritius-Ile-aux-Cerfs-Nadine-Pavlicek-004 Mauritius-Ile-aux-Cerfs-Nadine-Pavlicek-003 Mauritius-Ile-aux-Cerfs-Nadine-Pavlicek-002 Mauritius-Ile-aux-Cerfs-Nadine-Pavlicek-001 Mauritius-Ile-aux-Cerfs-Nadine-Pavlicek-000

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Ile aux Cerfs , Mauritius by
Nadine Pavlicek

Nadine Pavlicek

Grown up in the gastronomic business, am I currently studying an MBA in Tourism Management. Why tourism? I love to travel, to explore new countries and cultures and interacting with people / guests, which is substantial for this sector. The world's current tourism industry offers a wide range of job opportunities. Isla-Mauricia offers me to be part of various projects and the opportunity to get to know a new division to combine with my hobbies - traveling and photography - and enjoy Mauritius outside the hotel facilities. By Nadine Pavlicek

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