Péreybère Beach, Mauritius

Halloween a bit differently. All the clubs and bars in Grand Baie and the surrounding area last night were dark and decorated in the atmosphere of Halloween and people were celebrating till the break of day. Happy I am to be on the beach of Pereybere without all the spooky ghosts, monsters, and bloodthirsty party animals.

Pereybere is the nearest village to Grand Baie, towards Cap Malheureux. A little piece of paradise, with a white sandy beach, the many shades of blue of the Indian Ocean and small back roads through volcanic stones, offer quieter and not so frequented bathing and sunbathing opportunities. However, the smaller bays of Pereybere Beach are partly privately owned, so it is advisable to first ask if nobody feels disturbed. The bays are ideal to relax, sunbathe and swim. Unlike the public beach, there are virtually no activities offered. So to enjoy watersport activities it is not necessary to climb over hill and dale. In this case you should look for a place at the public beach, which is quite clear and yet offers enough space for a promising day at the beach.

Apart from water sports, Pereybere offers a starting point for dives to explore the diverse underwater flora and fauna. My first dive and therefore also my first “lesson” to the “PADI Open Water Diver”, I will graduate next Thursday here, but more on that later.

For hungry and / or thirsty minds there are, like at all public beaches in Mauritius, an extensive range of local specialties offered, ice cream, fresh fruit and the standard assortment of water and Cola. There is also a small cafe-restaurant serving mostly Chinese cuisine on the beach of Pereybere.
The water temperature is noticeably warmer than it was in September and more comfortable for me. Thanks to the wind that blows from time to time, you are almost tempted to underestimate the sun, because in the evening it turned out that I could have used more sunscreen, or a little more shade, given my sunburn. Pereybere definitely is worth a visit if you’re already in the north. The more adventurous can try to discover more pristine beaches behind the volcanic rocks.

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Péreybère Beach, Mauritius by
Nadine Pavlicek

Nadine Pavlicek

Grown up in the gastronomic business, am I currently studying an MBA in Tourism Management. Why tourism? I love to travel, to explore new countries and cultures and interacting with people / guests, which is substantial for this sector. The world's current tourism industry offers a wide range of job opportunities. Isla-Mauricia offers me to be part of various projects and the opportunity to get to know a new division to combine with my hobbies - traveling and photography - and enjoy Mauritius outside the hotel facilities. By Nadine Pavlicek

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