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From time to time we also do revisit some of our properties that we propose. Either to refresh about new improvement changes that have been implemented, to get to know new members of the staff and to see if the standards are still being kept as they should be. Our recent visit was at the residence of the “White Oaks Villas” in the north of the island in Pointe aux Piments. This holiday resort offers eight comfortable villas for up to eight people and four apartments with two bedrooms each. Currently it is low season in Mauritius, so we were lucky and able to check the exterior of the facility and the two duplex apartments 9A and 9B, the apartments 10A and 10B and the Villa 4.

The two duplex apartments impress with their panoramic view of the Indian Ocean – you can enjoy it from the ground floor terrace or from the large window front of your bedroom on the first floor. As soon as you wake up it only takes two steps to push the curtains aside and enjoy the view of the ocean while lying in your bed.
The single-storey apartment 10B is perfectly aligned. It has a frontal view of the beautiful, refreshing pool, which shows in the midst of the holiday residence at its best. It is surrounded by a dark wood terrace with sun loungers and parasols, where water reflects the palm trees and the blue sky. Directly after the pool you’ll see the ocean, a gorgeous setting. Make yourself comfortable on the couch and enjoy this view. All the more impressive, the same view is, of course, one floor up from the terrace of the apartment 10A.
The villa, which we visited today, convinced alike. Here you can make yourself comfortable in the living area as well as on the large covered patio. From the terrace you also have views of the pool and after the sea. The first floor bedrooms offer guests sea view.

The residence convinces by its individuality, unique furniture set up and location. The villas and apartments are designed perfectly around the pool and result in a beautiful and uniform overall picture. However, if you enter each individual house, you’ll notice that each has its own particular character. The interior is perfectly matched to each other. A surprisingly pleasant feeling, with a lot of attention to detail and you’ll feel immediately at ease – so be it, that’s how your holiday should get started.

The beach is flat and crossed by lava stones. You can’t swim in front of the property. (You can swim in Trou aux Biches which is just a kilometre away) However, this is not a disadvantage. One can hardly turn away from the beach, that is its magnificent view, because this includes an absolute peace, with the high waves breaking in the distance on the coral barrier. It invites to lay on a couch, listen to the waves and enjoy the sight.

If you are looking for an accommodation in which you are your own boss in the kitchen, to prepare delicious meals with local ingredients at the stove or on the grill on the patio, and beyond the outer area of the property with a few other guests, you are at the right place. You are only a few minutes’ drive from restaurants with local cuisine and coves with sandy beaches at Trou aux Biches or Mont Choisy . Discover more of Mauritius, it would be a shame if you miss out.

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White Oaks Villas – Villas and apartments to enjoy and feel good by
Annika Schöbe

Annika Schöbe

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