The unique Île des deux Cocos

Around the dream island of Mauritius there are some beautiful small islands that you can visit and explore on a day trip. A tour by speedboat or by catamaran to the islands in the north – Île Plate, Ilôt Gabriel and Coin de Mire – or a trip to the gorgeous Île aux Cerfs in the east and to the Île aux Benitiers in the southwest are well known day trips, all are recommended. Each island has its own charm and is waiting to be discovered by you.

However, a very extravagant destination is the private island Île des deux Cocos in the south east of Mauritius. The jetty to cross over to the island is located in Blue Bay. This green island is surrounded by a sandy beach, black lava rocks and turquoise water which is magical and within reach at once. It requires only a ten minutes boat ride to get out of the colorful bay and reach the bright wooden walkway of the beautiful island. After a very warm welcome everyone gets a fragrant refreshing towel and a fruity welcome drink. Ravi, a member of the staff, explains the course of the day while the guests make themselves comfortable between the large cushions of the sofa area. Following up with the opportunities to laze in a hammock on the beach, to bask on one of the many lounge chairs, to taste home-made rum at the bar, to visit the beautiful Villa or to make a tour around the island.

Some guests grab their cameras to record their first impressions while others make themselves comfortable on the couches, hammocks or at the bar and enjoy fine drinks. The view of the turquoise sea with the mountain landscape of Mauritius in the background makes this moment perfect. A tour around the island is highly recommended and takes at least an hour if you want to enjoy nature to the fullest. The beach is crossed by shells and corals and in many places it is interrupted by lava stones. The waves in the south of this little paradise are impressive and could be savoured for hours. Little crabs scuttle among the rocks and with a bit of luck you will find some flawless shells. The inward of the island provides shade under the many filao trees and palm trees. At the end of the walkabout you can visit the beautiful 100-years old villa with its breathtaking view of the turquoise lagoon and the dark blue Indian Ocean.

On the island you also have the possibility to do a glass bottom boat trip or a snorkel excursion to the Blue Bay marine park. There you can enjoy the variety of fish and corals under water. In addition to some bright yellow halter fish, colourful parrot fish and boxfish a swarm full of trumpet fish bustles around the snorkellers. Back on the island it takes only a little while until the buffet opens. Mauritian delicacies are offered: giant prawns and marinated chicken, different sauces, pasta, potato wedges and fresh vegetables and salads. For dessert, there were tropical fruits, pastries, various kinds of mousse and ice cream.

Fortified by a delicious lunch you can have a taste of the home made rum specialities. Ravi presents the different varieties, in which almost every taste is covered. The selection offers mild or fruity as well as sharp or spicy rum from banana-vanilla to coconut, passion fruit, apple-cinnamon, orange-coffee, chilli, ginger, star fruit-lemongrass to Masala. For the rest of the time on this island you can take a swim in the sea or in the pool of the villa, go for another walk, sit on the dock and dangle your feet or find a cozy place to relax.

In the afternoon this fairytale comes to an end when you go back to Blue bay by boat transfer. This day trip leaves many beautiful impressions – an absolutely recommendable and unforgettable experiences.

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The unique Île des deux Cocos by
Annika Schöbe

Annika Schöbe

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