Isla Mauricia goes online with new Website

A brand new version of the Isla-Mauricia website has just been launched, with a new layout that facilitates easy navigation, detailed and knowledgeable descriptions of the accommodation on offer, and many new photographs of stunning locations.  The new website displays the dedication of the Isla-Maurica team, the in-depth knowledge of their offers and their desire to make your tour around their site as enjoyable as possible.

There are numerous offers of accommodation, classified neatly into categories such as villas, hotels, bungalows, lodges and apartments which make finding the ideal place to stay an easy and hassle-free activity.  In addition there is information on transfers to and from the airport, a list of prices for each offer of accommodation and a function to search for availability.

This is not just a website to find accommodation, however.  There is also detailed information for travellers on such diverse topics as visa and passport issues, transport around the island, currency, advice on telephones and internet and notes on VAT.  All these topics, and many more, are found in a user-friendly series of links down the side of the home page which means that navigation around the site is uncomplicated and facile.

General information on Mauritius is also offered on the Isla-Mauricia website.  There are pages devoted to the geography of the island, its history, the languages spoken and the economy.  Notes on the ethnic make-up and religions of the population, politics, the climate and time zones are all merely one click away.

There are also a useful series of links to places of interest in Mauritius, classified thoughtfully by region.  As the accommodation sites all give their physical locations, it is very easy to search for sight-seeing spots close to your accommodation, or vice-versa.  The best way to find out about what the new website has to offer, however, is simply to click here and take a look.  You will find all the information you could possibly want on Mauritius, as well as links to online forums dedicated to the island and multi-media links to video clips and photographs.

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Isla Mauricia goes online with new Website by
Sarah Townshend

Sarah Townshend

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