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If you think about where to stay on your holiday, the first thought that probably comes to mind is a hotel. But there are also holiday homes or ‘a holiday on a farm’. But people seldom think of a villa. However, this type of accommodation is always in demand.

The annoying thing about hotels is that you pay per person. If you have a family of 4 – 5 people then this can be very expensive. In villas you pay per villa instead of per person.
If you divide the cost of the villa among the number of people, if often works out at the same price as a hotel, if not cheaper.

Villas provide a luxury holiday and offer sophisticated home décor.
If you cannot afford a villa as your everyday residence then you should at least be able to enjoy one while on holiday.
Villas are big properties which can accommodate between 2 to 14 people.
A villa provides a little extra class but it is even more exclusive if it is in Mauritius, where you’ll be surrounded by sea, sand and sunshine.

Booking a villa is very easy. In most cases agencies manage the villas. They ensure that the villas are regularly cleaned and they are also there to help if guests have any complaints or problems. If something breaks, the agency is responsible for the replacement or repair of it. This ensures that whoever is staying in the villa has a completely renovated property in the best condition.
These agencies guarantee you will have a worry-free stay in the villa.

Booking is usually carried out online but most people prefer to communicate by phone after making initial contact via email. Thus, all your questions and requests can be dealt with directly so you no longer need to worry.

There are two different payment methods. You can pay via bank transfer or with your credit card. If you choose to pay via bank transfer you can – if possible – do this by using online banking or you can visit your local bank and pay at the counter. If you pay by credit card, you will be sent a link where you must enter your credit card number, your name and other details and the payment is completed within minutes. Although some people do not like using this method, it is the easiest and quickest option. In addition this method is safe and it includes security measures and protects you against credit card fraud.

After you have paid, a transfer usually takes 1-3 days to complete. For most bookings, you can also book an airport transfer, from the airport to your villa. It makes sense to do such booking if zou are in a foreign country, don’t know the roads and streets and if you’re exhausted from your flight.
When you arrive there will be an agency representative at the villa to meet you.

In Mauritius, you’ll not only experience a feeling of luxury when you step into the villa, but you’ll also have the perfect setting – the beautiful tropical garden and the sparkling sea right outside your window. A villa holidays offers something for everyone. Families can spread out here – the children can play at the beach, in the sea or in the pool. The adults can simply relax and organise family activities in the spacious communal areas.
You can cook in the kitchen and eat at home or go to a restaurant, where the food is relatively cheap compared to the UK.

In most villas the agency will also provide additional services. Subject to a surcharge you can have your own chef, who can come to your villa and cook a meal or spend the whole day there. If you’re travelling with a big group then most agencies offer complete villa complexes, where you can book multiple neighbouring villas, so you can enjoy the luxury lifestyle in all its fullness.

The villas are cleaned regularly and all this is included in the price.
You don’t need to pack any bed linen, shampoo or hand towels (although the villas don’t always have beach towels – please enquire beforehand) and there is always crockery. You’ll be staying in a fully-furnished house and you’ll be completely flexible in your holiday plans – you can eat when you want and can book as many luxury additional services as you want.
There are no limits when you stay in a villa.

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Mauritius villa holiday by
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    I agree with your post. It depend upon one’s requirement whether to choose a villa or a hotel. I preferably choose a villa when i go out for holidays. As renting a villa would be more easy for me.

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