Why is PIZZA in Mauritius so expensive???

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Why is PIZZA in Mauritius so expensive???
Pizza in Mauritius is around 350 MUR | 8.50 EUR | 12.50 USD. Comparing to European countries, pizza in Mauritius is, in my opinion, highly over prized!

"Pizza (i /ˈpiːtsə/; Italian: [ˈpittsa]) is an oven-baked, flat, disc-shaped bread typically topped with a tomato sauce, cheese and various toppings." (Wikipedia)

I'm not a pizza expert, but how expensive can that ^ be ??


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    Hi Martijn,

    in google map, Mauritius also looks like a nice pizza... :D *humour*

    Anyway, in hamburg, germany, a good italian pizza would cost similar...
    But supermarket frozen pizzas just 2-3 euros... Pizza under 1 Euro in the supermarket usually didn't taste very good. As saying goes, pay cheap - get cheap... PIZZAHUT - so maybe pizzahut is the cheap option of pizza you can have in mauritius :confused: How about the taste ? When Pizzahut was new in Mauritius i loved to have the Super Supreme. But nowadays since there are a few really nice italian places you can go to at in the north of the island, i really prefer those ones *tastier*

    Yes, but in Mauritius, anything imported is more expensive, but you are right, pizzas could be cheaper as most of the ingredients are available locally but if you take into account the processing, transportation, cook, oven, restaurant, employees, the price of Rs.350 is justified in my opionion. What you must do is choose the place where they make them BIG like at Marcos in Trou aux Biches - you then buy only 1 Pizza at around Rs.350 and you can share it with your wife. 350/2 = is a good deal.

    What do the others think ?
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    Pizza is so expensive to keep Italians Off !

    No, no, I am just kidding (but who nows...)
    350 MUR | 8.50 EUR - sorry, I didn't eat pizza for a long time in Mauritius - but are you talking about restaurant prices?
    That's the price you'll pay also in Italy. Well, a cheap one, Margharita, you'll find there also sometimes for 6 Euro, but those restaurants take a cover charge of 1.50+
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    Hi Martijn, there is also a pizza place which is quite hidden located at Grand Baie Business Park - worth a try! Check it out! Its the same guy who was at Chemin Vingt Pieds long ago vis a vis the Grand Baie Business Quarters.
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    Maybe you can try at Luigi's pizza and pasta restaurant. I love their four cheese pizza. I think its less than Rs 300. Its in Grand Baie.
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    Maybe it is also quite expensive, because everybody loves pizza and they want to make some money with that fact. They are taking advantage of the human beeings weakness regarding pizza ;)
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    Pizza Zombies :confused:
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    If you want a HUGE Family Pizza you need to go to Voglia Matta run by Marco in Trou aux Biches, they make the BIGGEST Pizzas on the island. Even the normal size Pizza and satisfy 2 persons hunger! There I would say the price compared to what you get is way lower than other places. Plus on top they got STYLE in making their very own Pizza with swinging and turning the flour paste on the finger tipp :cool:
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    @Dietmar. I confirm, Marko pizza in Trou aux Biches is the place to be for a good pizza! However, I must note, that the service is not very good. The waiters serve with long faces and if you get a pizza you didn't order, they'll be trouble (when ordering, no notes are taken).

    @Titus!. That is the fast-food price I believe. I think there are only 2 on the island; Pizza hut & Debonairs. If you're Italian, or you like Italian pizza's, you'd want to eat from Debonairs, not from pizza hut! Pizza hut's pizza's are greasy, fat, wet round sandwiches; its as they deep fried there pizza's.

    Furthermore; I don't know allot of other restaurant pizza places in Mauritius. I think besides 'Marko', there's another place in the North in Grand-Baie.

    I am Dutch and I miss the frozen pizza. Of course, those are not of Italian quality (yes I have been in Italy and eat their pizza's), but they are affordable, and provides you the space to have pizza every week! Every day if you like:).
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    haha yes i totally agree with your opinion about Pizza hut :D
    I have also had Pizza at 'La Cigale' before. You know it? It is in Pointe aux Canonniers. They have a big choice of pizza there and the prices are also good, I think it is around Rs 300. Of course it depends on what toppings you are choosing. But they do put a lot of toppings on the pizza, which is great i think!
    Before you get your meal, you are being served with olives and for the pizza you get like garlic oil, chili and pesto which you can put on your pizza. Also the waiters are very friendly!
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