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    Hey DJ EL-Syd!

    Waz up mate ? Welcome to the Forum.

    Nice Posting, could you tell us a bit more about the mauritian music scene in the UK ?

    You are a mauritian DJ over there ? Tell us some more about clubs, music etc. Forum members will really appreciate anything they can get to know about Mauritius around the world. Me to! :D

    Here in Germany we ain't got any mauritian music scene at all. That's probably because there are way too few mauritians ? :(
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    Hey mate!

    Korrek net! Thanx for the prompt reply and the details. I enjoyed rerading it. I have some friends over there in the UK studying or living.
    The Mauritian scene is really buzzing in the UK at the moment, especially with the newer generation rising to maturity.
    Yo! How about France, i saw mauritians in many towns. In Paris there are a lot, lots of students to. But never heard of any scene - got any news 'bout that ?
    Le Groupe Cassiya, Alain Ramanisum, Le Groupe Zotsa, Nancy Derougere, Jean Claude Gaspard, Michel Legris, Serge Lebrasse, Marie Michelle Etienne, Le Groupe Gangsta Beach, Gassen Singaron, Nitish Joganah and probably more coming over from Mauritius for live performances. And now we've got Grup Latanier and Le Groupe Négro Pou La Vi performing on 2nd October 2004, which reminds me that Alain Ramanisum is already in London today for a live concert tomorrow (Saturday 18th October).
    Cool! I know all of them, have got mostly all tapes of the new Ragga stuff from the island. Has gangsta beach still the old members or did they change most of them ?
    I knew Vincent & Marciano, we played basket ball in Grand Bay :)
    In the meantime, you could always come over to the UK and party with us...
    Yeah! I'll certainly do that someday.

    Thanks for the links!
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    Hello everybody!

    As I will be coming to Mauritius some time soon, I am not looking for Mauritian parties in Europe, but for parties in Mauritius itself :D

    Can you tell me good spots for nightlife?
    Where are the best discos and bars? Which kind of music do they play?

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    Hello Steven!

    You are lucky that you are able to plan your party time on the island itself :)

    The biggest spot for nightlife in Mauritius is Grand Bay. There you will find numerous cocktail bars, restaurants, lounges and discotheques.

    The Banana Bar is a popular cocktail bar. Sometimes there is even some nice live music. Then there is another nice spot called Kapu Kai.

    I have been to 3 discotheques in Grand Bay:
    - Mojo Club, which offers local music and reggae, there have been not a lot of tourists when I have been there :cool:
    - Buddha Club, which offers European and US music, some charts stuff and electronic music. This place has been loaded with tourists...
    - Stardance, which offers mainly electronic music and wasn't my favourite spot to be...

    Just take a look around, you will surely find some nice locations :)
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    Thanks very much for all the information! So Grand Bay is the spot for nightlife, right? Seems I got to go there ;)
    When I am on the island I would also prefer to listen to some local music or to some nice reggae vibes, I can get the electronic stuff all the time at home :p So do you know some other locations where I got to listen to this stuff? Are there sometimes concerts on the island and where could I find out about this? Any good website?
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    Hey all, Mauritians like to party for sure. If they don't party in clubs they'll organize something private with family and friends.

    by Mauritius Tourist Guide

    I found more then 25 clubs all over Mauritius, here a list:

    Big Willy's
    La Barachois, Tamarin Bay, Tamarin
    Phone: (230) 483 7400
    Fax: (230) 483 7040

    Amnezia Club
    Ebene Commercial Center, Ebene
    Phone: (230) 454 9124

    Arena Private Club
    Pasadena Village, Royal Rd,Flic en Flac,
    Phone: (230) 453 9000
    Fax: (230) 453 8514

    Artemis Club
    11, Lafontaine Street, Mont Soobrah, Pointe aux Sables
    Phone: (230) 254 2039

    Bali Nightclub
    Costal Road, Mont Choisy
    Phone: (230) 265 5889

    Banana Beach Club
    Royal Road, Grand Baie
    Phone: (230) 263 0326
    Fax: (230) 263 7297

    Buddha Bar & Club
    Vingt Pieds Road, Grand Baie
    Phone: (230) 263 1769

    Climax Nite Club
    Royal Road,
    Mont Choisy
    Phone: (230) 265 7000

    Executive Club
    Royal Road, Coromandel
    Phone: (230) 233 6509

    Illusion disco Ltd.
    Sivananda Street, Curepipe Road, Curepipe
    Phone: (230) 674 6723

    Indigo Club
    Phone: (230) 972 7931

    Julies Club
    Pereybere Beach, Grand Baie, Pereybere
    Phone: (230) 422 5630

    Kamikaze Private Night Club (formally zanzibar / z-club)
    Royal Road, Grand Baie
    Phone: (230) 496 7328

    Les Enfants Terribles
    Royal Road, Pointe aux Canonniers
    Phone: (230) 263 8117

    Nox Clubbing Zone
    Royal Road, Grand Baie
    Phone: (230) 911 5660

    Paradox Club
    MCB Building, John Kennedy Street, Rose Hill
    Phone: (230) 464 4097
    Fax: (230) 464 4097

    Port Louis Gymkhana
    Frere Felix de Valois, Port Louis
    Phone: (230) 212 2374
    Fax: (230) 212 0534

    Queen's Night Club
    St Jean Road, Quatre Bornes
    Phone: (230) 254 7755

    Sai Toong
    17, Jummah Mosque street, Port Louis
    Phone: (230) 242 1468

    SHOUT (Shotz)
    Royal Road, Flic en Flac

    Stardance Nightclub
    Royal Road, Grand- Bay
    Phone: (230) 933 9192

    Summer Beach Club
    Coastal Road, Flic En Flac
    Phone: (230) 453 8560
    Fax: (230) 453 8562

    Takamaka Bar & Night Club
    Coastal Road, Grand Baie
    Phone: (230) 747 4563

    The GodFather's Club
    La Cuvette Beach, Grand Baie
    Phone: (230) 263 3000
    Fax: (230) 263 0754

    The Ritz Club (Gentlemen's club)
    Royal Road, Baie du Tombeau
    Phone: (230) 247 4979
    Fax: (230) 247 4977

    Volume Club
    2nd Floor, Monte Games
    Phone: (230) 746 6072

    Xindix Nightclub
    Joomun Building, Curepipe
    Phone: (230) 674 6723

    List by

    Have you been to any of those clubs? If so, what is like?
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    hey everybody :)

    So i have only been to 'Les Enfants terribles' and to 'Buddha Bar'.
    I like the places, but would prefer to check out a place, where they play more local music, because in those two places they mostly play house and hiphop just like in any other club in Europe.
    But that one time at 'Les Enfants terribles' there was live music, which i enjoyed a lot. They were just using the guitar and singing, singing old songs but the voices were incredible.

    I also want to go to the Banana Beach Club, as i heard that it is the oldest bar in Mauritius and they often play live music?

    But what club is it again, where they play local music? :)

    Martijn have you been to all of those clubs there??? :D
    Do you know any club in Grand Baie where they play local music and which you can recommend?
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    Someone of you, knows where this Mojo Club in Grand Baie is?
    It is one of my friends Birthday tomorrow and we would like to go to a club, where they play local music or reggea :)
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    Hi Ann-Christin, I've only been to 'Shout', also called 'Shotz' in Flic en Flac; Coordinates -20.283292,57.365391 paste this in google and you'll find it.

    Plays trance and hip-hop. Lots of fun! No local Seggae though..

    'Seggae' is a fusion of sega and reggae invented by Joseph Reginald Topize, commenly referend as Kaya (named after a song of Bob Marley) in the mid 1980.

    Kaya (10 August 1960 – 21 February 1999)

    I don't really know where you can get this deal of music which is weird because it is known as one of the most popular music genre in Mauritius! So can anyone tell us where to find a place they play this stuff non-stop??

    Further I would recommend Coco-Loco bar in Grand-Baie; coordinates: -20.011682,57.584866. You can sit under an big umbrella on a nice comfy lounge chair. They got great mixologists (bartender) , cocktails and they even have a small pizzaria! Sometimes, they play life music there.
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    Hi Martijn, yes it is weird, that can not really find a place, where they only play this kind of music...
    I have seen, that someone else on the forum was talking about a club in Grand Baie called Mojo, but I can not find it on google... have you or anybody else heard of it? :)

    And the Coco-Loco bar I know, it is like a chill out bar with comfortable lounge chairs indeed! :) Next I will have to check out the Banana Beach Club tho
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    Hey no I have no idea where this Mojo club is? I've googled it and the only thing I found is a horse racing club Bali Mojo.
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    Yes lol i found the same, well thank you for looking tho :)
    I think to listen to local music, you probably have to join a private party, because on the streets you hear it a lot. They like to just party with their friends and family at home or even on the beach, when they are camping there :)
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