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Fruit and vegetables.. always fresh and delicious in Mauritius:)
But where are the best places to buy it?
Wither, you buy it at the big supermarkets, called 'Super U' and 'Winners'.. and in addition to that many small supermarkets.Or, you can buy it on the street at the street vendors.
I experienced, that Super U has fresh fruit and vegetables.. but they are expensive.
But Super U offers fruit bags.In one plastic bag,you get apples, oranges, mandarins and pears for a great price (I have paid 75 Rupees).
At the street vendors, you won't find price tags, they will offer you a price, and when you are 'White' (means: European).. then it will be more expensive for you than for Mauritians.
Therefore I advice you to buy fruit and vegetables in the South or Port Louis.. there are big markets, fruit and vegetables are fresh and you will find price tags..and it's delicious, fresh and you will save much money!:)


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    Oh yes, for fruit and vegetables you should have a visit in the Central Market of Port-Louis, Mauritius. I have never, except once in Barcelona, seen anything like it!

    by Artflakes

    If you want to have the best quality price, you should go there since the competition is high. Better stuff then here you won't get anywhere on the island.

    Here are the coordinates: -20.160745,57.503037 paste that in google and you'll find it. It's close to the North bus-station (Immigration square).
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    I can totally agree with Martijn, the central market is definitely worth going. I was amazed by seeiing all those fruits and vegetables :)
    And you could literally smell them! Central Market in Port-Louis is a must when beeing in Mauritius.
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