Séga music in Mauritius and Alain Ramanisum

edited October 2012 in Mauritius
Have you ever heard of Alain Ramanisum?
During my first stay in Mauritius, they were all talking about Séga and Alain Ramanisum... but what is Séga and who is Alain?-good question.
When I've been in the club 'Les Enfants Terribles', I've got the answer.
Rattle, hand drum, bow, guitars and people shaking their hips like I have never seen it before..:)
There are no rules how to dance it, you need to feel the rhythm.
After researches in the internet I knew, that it was originally danced among the slave population.
Alain Ramanisum is the most popular Sega singer and he is so great. Sometimes he is just talking in his songs, then he shouts some typical mauritian expressions (like Nissa la monte) and then he is singing, followed by some background singers.
The important thing is that you have fun!..;)

I tried to describe those séga dancers and the music.. but that's so difficult!:confused:

What do you think about it? ..like it?..ever danced to séga?
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