Mauritius is expensive?

Actually you have to think that Mauritius costs dearly.
You are right, the flightticket is expensive.:(
But how is it going with food and accommodations?
An apartment-directly on the beach (if you book early enough, because they are highly requested) on a self-catering basis, you can get it for 350 Euros per week.
In one apartment, there are more beds.. so if you share the price with all fellow travellers, that wouldn't cost much at all per person. ;)

What is about food? They have to import it and therefore it's expensive?
For Mauritians, food is expensive, but just because they have another idea of the meaning expensive, compared to Europeans.
If you compare the prices, you'll see that e.g. washing powder, bread and fruits are cheaper than in Europe.
Some things are more expensive, some are less expensive. At the end, it will balance out.
The most expensive things are the tourism attractions but that's normal.. the Mauritians have to live from something!

So, apart of the flight costs, in my opinion, Mauritius is affordable. :)


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    Yes I would definitely say, that Mauriitius is affordabel.
    I expected it to be more expensive... of course some things are more expensive compared to Europe as they have been imported.
    But I also recommend to not only buy fruit and veggies in the supermarket but also to buy it on the street, this is were it is more fresh and also cheaper.
    Go to the central market in Port Louis and get a huge choice of fruits and vegetables! It is unbelieveable how many fruit and vegetables they have to offer there :) I was very impressed by it!
    Also you can eat a cheap meal at snack stalls, for example you pay Rp 10 for a Roti (wrap filled with curry) which is only 25 cents, a kebab for only 1 Euro.
    But you definitely should change your way of eating a little, adapt it to the mauritian cuisine and it won't be too expensiive.
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