swimming in Mauritius

Mauritius got one of the nicest seas I have ever seen.:)
Turquoise, many shades of blue, sparkling, endless.. that's the water in Mauritius.
A paradise for everyone who loves swimming or who just wants to stay on the beach to enjoy the breathtaking view.

But you know what?..:eek:
Although, Mauritians have got such a nice sea.. and despite the fact that they have grown up next to the sea.. most of the Mauritians cant swim..
First I thought it's funny.. islander can't swim.. that's impossible! :D
But no.. it's not. Because they don't have swimming lessons or indoor swimming pools..it's the 'big brother' who teaches them how to swim.. if they dont have elder siblings, then they wont learn it and when they are teenagers or nearly adults, then they are afraid of the sea.. for some Europeans unbelievable.. but its true, i have seen it several times..


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    Yes it is true, I have also seen an older woman in the water and the others were trying to teach her how to swim, it was quite funny to watch ;)
    But I also don't think that it is so unbelievable, because even some of the older generation in Europa can't swim, bc it was not common to take swimming lessons back then, they were also taught it by others. But now every kid takes swimming lessons or they even learn it at school.
    In Mauritius I see especially see kids swimming and playing in the water, not many grown ups, so maybe this fact will change soon with a new generation ;)
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    Hi hi,

    I know of some Mauritian people who can't or barely swim. That doesn't mean most Mauritian people can't swim. As far as I can tell, there are no statistical sources of how many Mauritian people can or can't swim. Furthermore, there are indoor swimming pools in Mauritius; counted 56 (1.) from which I am not sure whether they are either public or affiliated to a hotel.

    Like Ann-Christin said; be able to swim in Europe now was different from say, 60 years ago. However, I can only speak of my country the Netherlands in the matter. There, it is compulsorily to take swimming lessons. I don't know how many Spanish, Polish, Italian, Swedish or Bulgarian etc. can or can't swim.

    In some countries/states it is compulsorily to take on swimming lessons when reaching a specific age. In some countries there is no such thing. Therefore it is only logical for the countries in which swimming lessons is not obliged, the majority of people do not know how to swim. In those countries, swimming is likely a hobby which you like or you don't; e.g. like whether you can play a violin or not.

    The amount of people who can swim in Mauritius will only change by either government policy; e.g. making swimming lessons compulsorily, swimming becomes popular; e.g. Olympic games or natural climate changes; people better learn how to swim, else they are likely to drown. If none of this things change, the number of people who can or can't swim won't either.

    Another thing which might be important to note is that you can't swim from each square meter shore line. I count 22 beaches in Mauritius (3.) and at 17 you can swim. Not all 17 beaches are recommended for swimming due to abundance of coral life. I know someone who got sting by a sea urchin (4.); since that day that person is scared of the animal life in the sea. There are some other dangerous species in the Mauritian lagoon which can harm you. Fortunately, besides sharks, there is nothing lethal. Most wounds can be treated by the coast guard and/or local hospital.

    Don't let this put you off going out exploring the lagoon! Just don't step on anything other then sand, and just don't touch anything you aren't familiar with. Most dangerous species harm as a way to protect them self. Don't bother the fish and they won't bother you.

    Imagine you know a friend or family member who got harmed by a particular fish. This might put you off completely to go swimming! We humans belong on dry land; that doesn't mean land is a safer place; e.g. traffic, angry aggressive lunatic people, sugarcane trucks etc., but we're just more familiar with land. A common saying is "knowledge sets free"; moreover, the more knowledge we get of the Mauritian shores, lagoons, the more familiar and safer we would feel.

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