Fast Food in Mauritius

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Mc Donalds seems to be everywhere.. now, they will also open a Mc Donalds in Grand Baie, the tourism centre of Mauritius.
Another fast food chain is called Steers.. there you can buy Burgers and chips..and another famous fast food chain is Debonairs.
That shows us: You won't find a country without a chain of fast food outlets.. even Mc Donalds will delight the Mauritians from now on..
what do you think about it? Mauritius and fast food.. It doesn't figure, does it?:confused:


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    Yes Mc Donalds is there now... also Kentucky Fried Chicken and the Pizza hut :) around the biggest grocery store of Grand Baie you can now find lots of fast food places and it seems like the mauritians love it! Those places are always packed!
    But during my stay in Mauritius I definitely wont eat much fast food! ;) i prefer to try the local things! Because those fast food chains you can find anywhere in the world...
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