Mauritius and dogs

One of the most cruel things in Mauritius is the way how some organizations try to solve the 'dog problem'..
Dog's seem to be everywhere in Mauritius.. on the street, the pavement, on the beach, in the corner... big and small ones.. pregnant and sick.. or healthy..
But they are not dangerous.. they are just sitting under a tree or elsewhere while tourists are enjoying their holidays..

Because of the number of dogs there is an organisation with so-called 'dog-catchers' who drive around with their van capturing dogs to kill them..

''The Mauritian government claims it is a humane way of controlling the island’s stray dog population..''( The dogs on death row in paradise: One English woman's battle to take on a holiday island which cruelly kills thousands of pet dogs a year | Mail Online )

Luckily.. some people, companies and organisations are giving donations and trying to support an 'animal friendly treatment' for (dogs and) animal shelters.


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    This is horrible...
    Also for me I really had to get used to the fact that dogs are everywhere, just like cats in other holiday destinations. In Europe we treat dogs like a family member, here the owners do not care so much about them and just let them walk around.
    I'm sure there are a lot of different solutions to control the island's stray dog population. Can you come up with any?
    Maybe the government should pay for spaying the dogs, Owners should have to pay a tax for keeping a dog, ...
    BUT not to catch and just kill them!!!
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