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Besides mangoes and bananas Mauritius is also known for its lychees.

Lychees grow up on 12 meters high Lychee trees. On one tree there can be 300 kg of lychees. Unfortunately, lychees grow only in subtropical areas, so they must always be imported to Europe and then many people cant take advantage of fresh lychees. The fresh lychees are surrounded from a pink to reddish-coloured leathery shell when they are freshly picked. The flesh is white to pearly and in the middle there is a non-edible brown oval nucleus. When opening the lychee, there is the smell of roses. From the name and the colour, and because some lychees have a heart shape, they are also called 'love fruit'.:)

When lychees are older, the colour discoloured to brown. For this reason, it is also sometimes called Chinese hazelnut.
If they are not seasoned, they are greenish.
If you spend your holiday in the paradise of Mauritius and want to buy lychees you should strongly consider only to buy the reddish- pink coloured ones.

If you've never eaten fresh lychees, you should absolutely do it in your next Mauritius holidays.. (or any other country in sub-tropical location).
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