Mauritius=perfect holiday destination

Mauritius is a paradise and everyone should know about its beautiful nature and attractions and should discover the fascinating life over there.
When you're thinking of your next travel destination.. why not thinking of Mauritius?:)

There is almost nothing Mauritius does not offer.
Water sport is very famous. The sea is blue, clear, warm.. in front the white sand with shady palm trees and a coconut or anananas to eat.
Excursions in glass-bottomed boats are becoming popular, snorkelling around the lagoon is one of the favourite activities of the tourists, and of should not miss a scuba diving expedition.
Under water you have a brightly coloured world with many different fish. :)

At some places they offer a walk with lions, river trekking and canyoning. For anyone over the age of twelve, there are rock-climbing trips at Albion in the south-west of Mauritius and for those of a more adventurous turn of mind, skydiving is also available. Because of the huge range of out-door activities you won't have time to get bored.:);)

A big pro of this island are its overwhelming friendly Mauritians and their hospitality. Tourists will feel welcome and completely at home there. Mauritians are made to be open and hospitable..

Mauritius one of the most attractive holiday destinations in the world.The sea food.. the cuisine in general.. the people and the beauties of nature will make your stay unforgettable!:)


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