The perfect day on the beach!

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How does your perfect day on the beach look like? :cool:


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    This is an interesting question.

    My perfect day at the beach will be either with all the members of my family or with friends.

    During the day, we will laugh, eat, swim, get tanned and be freed from stress :cool: .

    At night, a barbecue, fire camp, local music, scary stories.... :eek: . Then back home :)
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    Hey Natasha,
    I like your idea of a perfect day on the beach a lot. I would also love to have a barbecue there and enjoy the sunset at the end of the day. :)
    What is your favourite food on the beach??
    I also like it a lot if a friend can play the guitar and maybe even sing to it.
    I just love the beach, especially the beach in Mauritius with its' turquoise lagoons... You just feel like in a dream!
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    I will love singing too ;)
    Usually my family prepares something from home or we just bring the frying pans and we lit a fire. We just cook over there.
    For my favourite food, i would say grilled chicken and the salads :D.
    Ans what's yours :) ?
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    Yes I would love to have a barbecue and grill fresh fish :)
    And I also really like to eat the pineapples which they offer on the beach and they taste delicious, so sweet and very juicy!
    Yes let's go to the beach beach ;)
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    hmmmm pineapple <3
    Yeah, let's go the beach.
    But ???
    Which one you want to go...there are so many beautiful beaches in Mauritius.
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    yessss i also love pineapple, have to get one again soon!! they are so good here in Mauritius and cheap! You can not compare the price to Europe...

    This is a hard question... :) There are so many beautiful beaches!! Since we are in the North, I really like to swim at the beach 'La Cuvette' in Grand Baie :) It is a nice small Baie, with beautiful green trees, I just love the view from there and it is perfect to swim:) What beach would you like to go to Natasha??
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    Pereybere :cool:
    I spent a lot of time over there with my best friend last year.
    Many people like to go there, as we have food, bank and water sport facilities. There is a supermarket near to the beach also.
    I think we get the best pineapple over there too.

    Have you been there Ann-Christin ?
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    ah nice!
    Yes i have been there also! I liked it, especially because the water was crystal clear over there! And i will have to try the pineapple there :) thanks for the hint ;)
    It is very good when you have a supermarket close by that is true! When we went to Pereybere we also had a short stop there, to get some drinks.

    What other beaches can you think of in the North?
    I can also think of Mon Choisi in Pointe aux Canonniers :) It is a very long beach and great to go running. I have done it a few times now and love to run there with the beautiful view over the ocean!
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    Trou aux biches.
    Cap can't swim over there but the view is just wonderful.
    But you will need to pass through the cemetery :eek:
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    Right we were at Trou aux Biches together, but i have not been to the public beach, will have to go! I passed it once and it looks very nice :)

    Cap Malheureux I have been, it is all the way in the north. It is even the highest point in Mauritius, isn't it? It is indeed very wonderful up there and so quiet, perfect place to have a picnic. There is also the famous little chapel with its red roof. Have you been in it yet Natasha? It looks very nice and you can see it a lot on postcards too.
    About the cemetery, I think sometimes it is even interesting how cemeteries look in other countries :) because they look quite different... In Mauritius i have noticed that they are much more colourful here!
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    Mauritians are very caring :)
    There are colourful flowers also.
    Don't be surprised :eek: to find coca-cola or rhum when you go to a cemetery in Mauritius.
    Here its normal ;)
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    Yes I saw lots of colourful flowers when we were passing by :)
    Coca-cola and rhum on the cemetery? I mean i know mauritians love to drink it, but really on the cemetery?? :D They drink it there, because they are sad?
  • edited April 2013 fact you can find food and drinks in the cemetery because it is believed that when you keep the favorite food and drink on the tomb of the dead person, his/her soul is in peace and won't haunt you.
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    really?? that is very interesting, have never heard of it before! Hope they dont put too much food there tho... ;)
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    No, they just give little food to the dead person
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    But this will attract many animals, doesn't it??
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    I can't tell you :(
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    hmmmm i hope not ;)
    But Natasha tell me, have you been to the nicest beach in Mauritius yet? To Point d'Esny?
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    Pointe d'esny....paradise beach <3
    Just love this beach...Early in the morning and in the evening you can see starfish on the sand..the water is so clear that you can see the colourful fishes. I would recommend you to do kayaking or glass bottom trip. I am sure you will like it.
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    This sounds amazing.... I have to go there to Pointe d'esny <3
    I can't believe you can see starfish there....niceeeee.... I love to see colourful fishes, when you dive with them, you just feel like you are one of them :D
    Kayaking also sounds like a great idea! And the glass bottom trip, is it the boat with the ground out of glass?? I have heard something about it. So you don't even have to dive to see the fishes??? You can just look at the water and you see them? :) wow I will have to see that for sure!
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    You will enjoy it.. :)
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    YES sounds a lot fun! ;)
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