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Hello all,

I want to see Iron man 3, English version, in the cinema of Caudan waterfront Port Louis. I called them and they told me they don't show English versions any longer!:eek:

Can anyone recommend me another cinema?


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    Hi Martijn,
    I have not been to any cinema in Mauritius yet :) but I do know there is one in the shopping mall La Croisette, which iis close to Grand Baie and I think they play English movies at 6 pm.
    I'm sure you know it :) but maybe you dont like it so much?
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    Hi Ann-Christin, I actually wanted to go to Caudan this time. I know of the existence of 3 cinema's in Mauritius:


    Caudan waterfront Port-Louis
    Coordinates: -20.160964,57.498096


    Bagatelle Moka
    Coordinates: -20.224426,57.496994

    La Croisette Grand-Bay
    Coordinates: -20.022639,57.57956

    Paste the coordinates in google and you'll find it.

    Do you know any other cinema's in Mauritius?

    I've only been to Caudan and La Croisette cinema's. I think I like the one up North the most. It's new and not very busy. I do find the tickets which are around MUR 400.00 a bit pricy, so I don't go that often.

    I'd only consider going to watch a movie in the cinema when the movie contains allot of show of scenery and special effects like Avatar, Django and now Oblivion, Iron man 3. Opposed to type of movies are chick-flicks and movies which turns around people rather then landscapes and special effects. A good example is the movie 'Burried' directed by Rodrigo Cortés, in which the whole movie is played in a wooden coffin.

    Any recent particular movies you like?
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    Hey Martijn,
    no I don't know any other cinema here.
    But this is quite expensive.. but also in Europe they increased prices again... you can almost only afford it, when you are a student, because then you get a special price ;)
    And also don't even think about drinking or eating there haha unless you wanna get rid of assets :D
    Like you I prefer to go to the movies to watch movies with special affects or 3D Movies, so it is worth watching them there, because it is not worth it to watch a normal comedy in the movies.. I think..

    And no since I am here in Mauritius, I have no idea what they play at the movies right now :) except of Iron Man. But before I came here I watched Django as well, was a great one!
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    Hello peeps,

    The last time i went to the cinema, it was on the 28.02.2013. I went to Cine King's at Goodlands. The tickets are affordable. For a Bollywood movie, its Rs. 175 (adult price) and the same move in 3D is Rs. 250. I think for a Hollywood movie it's between Rs. 200 - 250 per adult.

    I want to watch Iron Man 3 but french version :D
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    wow that is very a good price!! Do you like Bollywood movies Natasha?? :)
    I have watched them sometimes on TV in Germany, they were quite popular over there ;)
    But I remember they are like 3 or 4 hours long?? haha
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    hmmmm yes, i love Bollywood movies which last for 1 - 2 hours :)
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    ok yes those in Germany always lasted for like 3 or 4 hours haha crazy long :D I should go to the movies here and watch one!!
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    Hey Natasha, so Cine King's in Goodlands! I checked their facebook page and I see they also play Hollywood movies sometimes.


    Cine King's Goodlands
    Coordinates: -20.037003,57.649641

    Paste this in google and you'll find it.

    @Ann-Christin; yeah I remember my student reduction to cinema's period quite well. I just wish I'd be going more that time! What a waste :(. We got like a special plastic card from the government, from which you can get reduction at any cultural event; cinema's, theater, musea and so on.

    By the way, is 'Slum dog millionaire' a Bollywood movie? If it is, then I like Bollywood! Further I've never really seen any Bollywood movies. My mental image says its pretty much entertaining, but fake. Is that true? Natasha, can you think of a Bollywood movie a guy would like?
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    I am a great fan of tamil and telegou movies, i just love them.

    I think the best bollywood movie i have watched till now is NAYAK.

    It's about corruption in India and how a simple cameraman becomes the 1 day prime minister :) ... I think a boy also will enjoy this movie.
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    Hi Natasha,
    I am not sure if I have watched this one, will have to check! But sounds interesting! Whats the name of this very famous actor again?? Sharu khan? probably spelled it wrong... :D
    I liked watching them, but the singing part was always a little too long for my taste ;)
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    Shahrukh Khan.... Yeap i know, it's long but when you understand the language...those songs are just wonderful :)
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    Ah oke, totally gotta see this Naayak movie.


    I like movies which shows the current reality and tries to create a common awareness; movies which really matter.

    Yeah I'm not a big fan of too long movies either, I just can't seem to keep up anymore.. I become sleepy and its hard to keep focus. Lol; getting old.
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    The movie mentioned below...its a new telegou movie.

    The movie which am talking about is this one.

    Try to watch: Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) and The Help.

    I watched them during the week end.
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    @ Natasha, yes probably it is very much nicer, when you understand the songs. I always watched them with subtitles then.

    @Martijn, I have the same problem when i watch movies, i get very sleepy then and fall asleep. But If i stay awake during one movie, it means it was a good one! ;)
    For example The Help, very good movie, did not make me sleepy! Have you also seen that movie??
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