Is it ok for women to be alone on the streets of Mauritius?

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Hey everybody,

what do you think about women walking around by themselves on the streets of Mauritius? I have been told not to walk alone so much in the dark and not after 8 or 8:30. So when we are at a friends place close to my place, they always accompany me home.

But other than that, as a woman you really have to get used to men saying bonjour to you or honk at you. Just do not pay much attention to it...;)
And it will also get a little less, when they have seen you around more often...

But what do you guys think about it?
What are your experiences?


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    Hello Ann-Christin,

    Ladies and Women of Mauritius are usually overprotected by their parents. If some will say they care a lot, others might think they care too much. For example, some parents keep on phoning their daughter when she is out with her friends. They should be at home before 6 pm. If one of their family members or neighbor has seen them walking with a boy/man...they will immediately think (specially if they are narrow minded people :mad: ) ..oh that's her boyfriend or if it's a married woman..then they will think she is having an extra marital affair. By the time, the girl get home..the parents are aware that their daughter has a boyfriend and will have a heavy discussion with her...even though that boy was just a friend. In regards, to your question, if you behave well when you are walking alone in the dark, i think none will try to approach you. Of course, you have to avoid isolated places ;)
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    Yes this is true, I have noticed this as well, they are very caring and want you to be safe.
    But how is it with foreign women? Is it very dangerous for them, to walk alone on the streets when it's dark? Because also the problem is, it gets dark very early... now around 6.15 pm I think...
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    Hi Ann-Christin,

    You might want to check out this article about Crime and Safety in Mauritius (2012) issued by the Bureau of Diplomatic Security from the United States of America.

    "In general, crime in Mauritius is less frequent than in many cities in the United States, and violent crimes are uncommon. Routinely reported crimes are petty "snatch thefts," such as pick-pocketing and purse snatchings, which tend to occur in crowded outdoor shopping areas, including areas which cater to a robust tourist industry. Residential break-ins are common and reported more frequently in the northern part of the island where the majority of tourist facilities are located. Most break-ins are surreptitious and do not involve violence; however, some burglars have brandished weapons, such as knives or machetes."

    Just use your common sense. Don't go where you don't belong. Don't temp thieves and other type of criminals. Its better to be safe then sorry.

    Concerning the honking. That is typical here; just ignore it. It happens all the time to my wife. Whether I am with her or without. I perceive this as rude and disrespectful. However, maybe allot of men in Mauritius think otherwise. I think for most its just a reflex. When those men see a woman, they immediate press their hand on the honk and continue with their lives as if nothing happen. Conditioning, habits, its mostly harmless.

    Another thing concerning crime in Mauritius is the extensive social control. Unlike Europe, or in my case the Netherlands, Mauritius is a rather collective then individualistic society. People look after each other which makes it hard for criminal minded to actually act as criminals.
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    Thanks Martijn for this article there, it is interesting to read.
    And like you said, it is always important just to be careful and too late at night it is always dangerous to walk by yourself, doesn't matter were you are...

    And yes I also just ignore the honking, probably I will miss it when I'm back in Germany :D I will be like: 'Why is it so quiet?' hahaha

    People really do look after each other, sometimes it seems like Mauritius is one big family :) because there are big families. But people make you very welcoming on their island and i like that a lot!
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