Winter in Mauritius

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Hi everybody,
I was just wondering, about the seasons here in Maurtius. Now its Winter, which is still not so cold for me, but i have noticed, that the sun is not out so often anymore.. :( how is it normally? Is it still a good travelling season??


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    We have two seasons, SUMMER and WINTER.
    Maybe for you, its not cold enough....but for me..its freezing :)
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    haha yes sometimes i also already feel kind of cold... but in the sun it still feels very nice :) and yes I'm used to a different cold haha with snow.
    But even here it is funny how different people are dressed now :) some still were just a dress or a skirt and others wear like winter jackets and even winter hats :D
    But i do definitely feel cold at night now and also you feel that the ocean got way colder now... :( you can not just walk in there anymore, it takes much longer to get in now. But it is still nice, think i just got spoiled a little now ;)
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    Yet, it's dark more early now. As from 05:30 pm, the sun goes to bed :)....the worst thing in winter is the flu :(....running nose....i hate coughing
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