Wedding in Mauritius - changes in documents required

Are you planning to get married in Mauritius, by the beach or in a secluded area ? These are important information for you. The Mauritius Government has recently amended the documentation requirements for expats or foreigners getting married on the island.

These new regulations are as follows:

- Couple should provide a re-issued birth certificate, dated within 3 months of their wedding date.
- Same should be posted or scanned to your Mauritius accommodation or hotel where you are getting married no later than 5 weeks before the wedding date along with all the other documentation.

Couples from UK can order their new birth certificate online Fee involved : £9.25 per certificate. It is important to remember not to re-issue your birth certificate too early as it should be no earlier than 3 months before wedding date.

If the couple do not hold a UK birth certificate, please check with your embassy how to arrange a new birth certificate. In some exceptional cases where no duplicate of the birth certificate can be produced, some arrangements can be made in Mauritius, such as completion of an Affidavit.
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