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PAWS has been in existence since 1999 and since then, we have contributed greatly in providing information as well as changing the mindsets of the public in regards to animals and pet care. We are a non-governmental organisation and we focus mainly on domestic animals, being dogs and cats here in Mauritius. We have several nationwide programmes namely:

1. Sterilisation
PAWS firmly believes in sterilisation as a key factor in the long term and humane solution to the stray dog and cat overpopulation. It brings about healthier and happier animals and contributes positively to the environment around us. It is run in parallel with educating the public in regards to why they ought to sterilise their animal and the benefits of them doing so for their pet as well as their neighbourhood. Not only do we provide this service in our clinics but we also use a mobile clinic in order to reach more communities and animals. Before we go an area with our mobile clinic for sterilisation, PAWS canvasses the area identifying animals for sterilisation and they will call in on the day of sterilisation. The PAWS driver will also collect and drop off those who have no transport.

2. Treatment
PAWS provides treatment for sick and injured animals. We also have a field work team which goes door to door providing anti-tick, anti-flea and mange treatment. When necessary the field work team also provides and constructs running chains for certaindogs which would be otherwise be left on a short leash without much movement all day long. We also provide collars and leashes for those owners who do not have the means.

3. Adoption
Dogs are often surrendered to PAWS. Some are brought to us in good health (but unfortunately owners can no longer take care of them) and some come to us in distress and in bad condition. They are looked after and cared for until they are fit again. These dogs and cats can be then adopted from PAWS and go to loving families. We do have an adoption policy which needs to be agreed and signed by the potential owner. There are cases when animals are put to sleep in order to alleviate their suffering.

4. Animals in Distress
PAWS is often called on to collect animals in distress. As the collection of stray dogs is not our responsibility, but that of the MSPCA, PAWS only collects those animals which are in severe physical condition. Animals in distress include: puppies/kittens left without their mother; mother and puppies/kittens who cannot fend for themselves; a dog or a cat hit by a car; a dog full of mange; a dog with an embedded chain; or any dog badly injured in one way or another.

5. Education
PAWS runs its education programme in schools, community centres, companies and other places invited to in order to give talks about animal welfare. We are certain that our sterilisation programme will bring the desired effect in means of controlling the dog and cat overpopulation in Mauritius but we believe it is crucial to run an extensive education programme alongside it. Mindsets need to be changed if animal welfare is to be sustainable.

Through this holistic approach, PAWS encourages healthier animals, healthier relationships between owner and pet and also has a positive impact on our health and environment around us. PAWS’ objectives are aimed at ensuring that animal welfare is not taken lightly but with high importance as well as ensuring that the methods used bring about a more long term solution to the problem faced in Mauritius making a big change to the current conditions.

PAWS bank details
PAWS (Protection of Animals Welfare Society)
HSBC - Curepipe - Mauritius
A/C No.: 006-071922-006
Swift Code: HSBCMUMU
IBAN No: A/C-MU6 0 0706 0060 7192 2006 000MUR


PAWS (Protection of Animals Welfare Society)
Mauritius Commercial Bank
Mauritius compte : 000040025497
IBAN No: MU 04MCBL0904000000025497000MUR

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