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Mauritius as a bonus? That should be incentive enough

The big questions among many companies: How can I get my bonus? How can I make more sales? How can I motivate my employees, colleagues and staff to be even better and more profitable?

Each morning we all have to get up and work hard. Whether you want to or not, we all have to work. We shouldn’t just be interested in doing our work well; work should also be somewhere fun. When you enjoy you work, then the tasks you are set don’t seem half as difficult.

Employees need to develop job satisfaction so the employer can look forward to achieving good results.

So how does the work become easier? What could spur on and motivate employees?
This is where the so-called bonus comes into play.

Many employers have introduced bonuses to their company or different projects. Who works well, who produces the best figures in the company, who makes the most effort…who should earn the most recognition due to their outstanding commitment?
Now and then people need compliments. Respect is important! Bonuses are introduced as a goal for large workloads.

Imagine this:
You’ve taken on a project…sometimes you have to stay late at the office – or you’re in a management position and you see how motivated a colleague is and how much effort they’re putting in. After hours of work, the project is finished. Good work! Something like that needs to be rewarded.
Yet another project? No more motivation? You’re still there??

Now imagine you’re called into your boss’ office. On the desk there is a sheet of paper with red and green figures…what would you think?
Has something gone wrong? Then you find out that the green numbers are the results of your work. Good work!
What now?
Bonus time!

Many companies have started to introduce bonuses. At the end of the year they work out who has made the most sales, who has introduced the most innovative ideas within the company, and who has shown the most commitment. The bonus should not only be recognition for their good work, but should also serve as an incentive to produce similar promising results the following year. Some bonuses are salary increases, some are one-off presents but it’s becoming more common that employees are sent on holiday as a bonus.

Mauritius, that sounds tempting!

Time off from work, recharging your batteries, forgetting about the past few days, weeks, months – what a feeling!
Motivation rises in you! When would you ever come to Mauritius – the land of opportunities?

Blue: you’ll see this colour in a completely new light when you come to Mauritius. There is blue sky and blue sea. And not just one shade of blue. There are several shades of blue which merge into one another. Looking at pictures of Le Morne you can build your own picture of it. But what is the reality compared to photos?

Normally these pictures evoke an emotion in everyone; those who try to remain emotionless and neutral will, hopefully, fail miserably. If you are just accustomed to large cities in England or villages…cobbled streets, nice cars, and more clothes than you know what to do with, then Mauritius is the best place for you to recover and draw energy from the wealth of colours in the surrounding flora and fauna.
What could be better than an employee who returns from holiday strengthened, refreshed and even more motivated than before, raring to tackle the next challenge?

Golf is becoming more and more popular in Mauritius.
Playing golf is actually a lot like work: you have to know who to contact and what time to be at a specific location.
When you play golf you have to estimate wind, distance and skill and bring them in line with one another. You have to be prepared for anything and if the ball lands a little too far to the right you have to recalculate.
Golf is a sport which requires concentration. It is a sport that many people don’t regard as stressful; “You just have to swing the club back and get the ball in any hole?” Negative.
Golfers are experts - they can estimate ‘how’ and ‘where’ they need to hit the ball to get it into the hole in the fewest strokes.
You have to try it yourself to be able to comment on it.

Do you want to lie on the beach and take in the beauty of the surrounding nature or do you want to try a spot of golf? You have the choice. If your boss offers you a trip like this as a bonus, then that should show you how much your work is appreciated.

Bonuses are not just a sign of recognition; they also promote healthy competition among employees. Why shouldn’t you tackle your work with the goal of working towards a bonus? On one hand, it produces good figures for the company and, on the other hand, you get a bonus. It makes work a lot more fun.

South and North have strong differences.
If you go to the South you’ll experience pure tranquillity. There are many more nightclubs, bars and restaurants in the North than there are in the South.

What do you expect from a luxury apartment? There is a wide range of different apartments to choose and large they are all similar: As much luxury as possible and exceptional service.

Boutique apart hotels attempt to stand out from the rest of the accommodation sector in Mauritius. The facilities include the usual TV and internet reception, and the big spacious rooms.

It’s not the comfort you’re probably accustomed to in hotels. You’ll feel at home with the special interiors and the design of the whole complex. There is something for everyone in a boutique luxury apartment complex...

For the connoisseur it is difficult to decide which bars and restaurants to go into. For those who like to stay active, the watersport activities are a must. For the explorers among you, you can’t miss out on a catamaran tour or a diving trip. And for those who love culture, architecture or are simply just interested, then a trip to the church in Cap Malheureux should definitely be on your to-do list. It stands in front of the ocean and looks as though it’s out of place. Through the church the surroundings look somewhat unreal but from the other side it looks magical.

Back at your luxury apartment you can try out a special bath.
What a great way to pamper your body, and you can return to your job full of satisfaction and relaxation, ready to start working towards the next bonus!

Bonuses – an incentive. You are investing in the knowledge of doing something right, it shows appreciation and is a way of saying ‘thank you’.

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