Mauritius - The East

Ile aux Cerfs
A small paradise is found on Ile aux Cerfs. The Robinson Island can be reached from Mauritius via motorboat. The journey itself through dense mangroves is worth a trip. Once arrived on the island, the holidaymaker finds himself at a wonderful beach. Next to Ile aux Cerfs there is another little island, Ile de l’Est which can be reached by swimming trough a canal. Due to the current precautions have to be taken and crossing the channel is not advisable if you are not a good swimmer. On Ile aux Cerfs you can enjoy the kilometers of sandy beaches, you can do every water sport the heart desires or you can savour a dinner in the outstanding restaurant.   

Domaine d’Anse Jonchée
For nature lovers Domaine d’Anse Jonchée is the perfect destination. You will find yourself in an area of 1500 hectares with the vegetation of a jungle. You can either do trekking tours, hiking or simply a promenade to enjoy nature. Hunting trips in the Domaine or fishing trips in the Indian Ocean are also offered. Even the visitor that doesn’t hunt will surely meet some of the Java deer which live in the forest. The restaurant Panoramour on the plateau offers a spectacular view on the surroundings. Here there are mainly homemade products served.

Domaine Ylang-Ylang
In Domaine Ylang-Ylang the flagrant ylang-ylang flowers grow. The visitor can watch how perfume is produced from their blossoms. The area is also popular amongst hikers. 

Water Park Belle-Mare
The Water Park in Belle-Mare is the family destination. Waterslides, big swimming-pools, wave pools, Jacuzzis and a lot more ensure a good time for kids and parents.

Ile aux Aigrettes
On Ile aux Aigrettes the visitor will be able to admire a piece of original Mauritian nature. In yearlong hard labour a nature reserve was created here which is ought to show the fauna and flora how it was like in Mauritius before human exploitation. Thus you will find rare orchids, ebony trees, bottle palms and many other endemic plants on Ile aux Aigrettes. Tours on the island are guided by conservationists. The star of the island is the pink pigeon, a bird that was in danger of extinction for a long time. Its population was strengthened on Ile aux Aigrettes.  
Photos of Ile aux Aigrettes

Mahébourg is a modern and at the same time historic town. Here the visitor can admire the neo-Gothic cathedral Notre Dame d’Anges. The most popular sightseeing spot is the Naval Museum. Here you can admire the ship bell of Saint Géran, maps of the 16th century, model ships, swords, pistols and canons. Just opposite of the museum there is the coulourful Hindu temple Maha Kaliammen Kovil. Here the dreadful goddess Kali reigns, who has put here foot victoriously upon the chest of a killed and who pokes her tongue out furiously.
Photos of Mahebourg

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