Travelling Season in Mauritius

Starting from November till May its summer time on Mauritius with average Temperatures of 30°C during the day. Accompanying this tropical heat comes the cool sea breeze that makes the climate just right and comfortable. Especially when you are staying near the coastal areas.

From May till October its winter on Mauritius, the coldest months are July and August with temperatures averaging the 20° C to 25° degrees Celsius. In Curepipe city, which is located on the high plateaus of Mauritius temperatures, drop down further than that. They even have days with 15°C to 16°C, which is very cold for a Mauritian, especially due to the high humidity.

Apart from that you can enjoy a nice holiday with a nice climate all year round. We don't have any rainy seasons or monsoons, what we have are cyclones, or simply big hurricanes.
Since such a small island we are, they sometimes forget to pass over us for several years… We just get to feel how close they are but most of the time they don't pass over us so we don't get any damage. But there has been no year where there hasn't been any cyclone. Cyclones are present in summer and in winter we have got anti-cyclones. Don't worry about cyclones, when one is near the island or in formation the population is warned in all existing medias (radio, TV, newspaper, internet, schools, police stations) several days in advance. All necessary advice how to prepare for the cyclone will be announced in the medias. Take into consideration that electricity and direct water pipe connection cuts will be performed from the CEB and CWA (the Mauritian central authority of electricity and water.). Mauritian families always store water in huge tanks to overcome water shortages in drought times.

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